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Cann I Buy Some Cannabis?

Tourists from all over the world (but mainly from their parents’ basements in Suburbia, USA) who used to flock to Never-Netherlands for the novelty of smoking weed in public are facing a major buzzkill as the Duh-tch pass a law that only legal residents may buy pot from the abundant coffee shops.

That’s like saying the Red Light District will only be on display as a Christmas light spectacular.

This is one of the dumbest ideas that a government has passed down in quite some time.  They finally figured out a way to legalize the stuff, tax it, sell it in large quantities and, as a result, bring in millions of tourists.  Not your average, tourist, mind you but your UBER-tourist who will not stop eating from the moment they touch down, will remain completely docile the whole time they’re visiting and will buy any trucker hat with a quasi-funny slogan you put in front of them.  The perfect tourist.

Now, in protest, the coffee shops are shutting their doors causing the tourists and the locals to find their daily salad on the streets which is going to hike crime right back up, take taxes out of the government’s pocket and cause so much lower back pain for all those poor chronics who have to carry their heavy bongs around all day.

Oh well.  At least they still have …… what do they have?  Pot and hookers.  Hookers.  At least they still have hookers.  Yup, they’ll be just fine.


Jordan is an actor/musician who is trying to also become a writer/gardener.  He is a full time performer in Blue Man Group and a freelance actor for Film & TV in the southeastern states.  Jordan lives in Orlando, FL where he is tolerated by his wife and their two dogs.